a refreshing take on ms

this is a very short entry in what i’m sure is much deeper source of information,multiplesclerosiscentral.com, but i found his stance a refreshing one i have not heard before, ms as “an esoteric disease,” and that, like grieving, there is no one “right”way to deal with it. i have not read any more in this blog than this intro, but i plan to.

sometimes it is overwhelming the amount of information, opinion, and writing there is available on the web. i could probably spend all of my “free” time doing nothing but searching, reading and cataloging all that information. and i always feel like i’m missing something. i do enjoy finding some new idea or piece of information to ponder, tho, so i keep poking around.

i have found a karate teacher who teaches a discipline he calls “cane dao,” a self-defense technique for people who use a cane. the teacher evidently had a spinal cord injury and teaches “broken wing” karate, and adaptive tai chi. i have not met with him yet, but i’m looking forward to seeing what his program is all about. reminds me of the monty python sketch about the “hell’s grannies,” who ran around assaulting people with their handbags. a bunch of us staggering around with our canes, “c’mon, punk, you want a piece of me?” talk about empowerment!


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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