the eyes have it

this new eye scan sounds interesting. although i must admit, i sort of like getting an mri. anytime i get to lie down for a half hour is ok with me. i’d be interested to find out if it really is as good a diagnostic tool as a full scan. my hunch is it is not, that an mri can tell a lot more about what is going on, and the eye scan will be used more as an indication that lesion activity is going on.

i have this machine that is like an excer-cycle, but a table-top model that i can work with my arms. i have been using it every night, and am amazed to find that after 20 minutes, my whole body is tired, not just my arms. it seems to affect my lower body as much as my upper. i sit and watch something (last night it was an old max headroom episode) on joost on my laptop. what did we do for entertainment before computers? probably had to interact with actual people – imagine that!


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