nasty ms head cold

i don’t know if having ms makes what would probably be a routine head cold be much worse, but this one is making me just tired all over. i struggled all weekend to do a reduced list of routine weekend tasks (fix this and that around the house, do one (1) load of laundry, etc.) and was just plain wiped out all weekend long. stuffy head, sneezing, all that no big deal, but i just felt drained physically all weekend. here i am at work, hoping coffee will help keep me enough on the ball to get thru the day.

also, as i was sitting on my home-made shower seat (since standing up that long is difficult) i had an “i don’t want to have ms any more!” moment.  most of the time, i’m pretty good at accepting it, but ever now and then it just overwhelms me.


5 thoughts on “nasty ms head cold

  1. I tend to take a road less traveled. Instead of wishing away the MS forever, I take it one day at a time. I say “Today, I will pretend I do not have MS.”

    But most times I say, “Today MS will take a back seat because I have too many important things to take care of.”

    Just a thought, Anne

  2. Exhaustion from viral/bacterial illness on top of MS is a cold and unhappy place. Throw some sinus infection in there … for which you need an antibiotic (MRSA anyone?) … which causes all the bacteria in your gut to die off … then you get the runs. Yeah, this is how mass-murder starts, I tell ya.

  3. I remember my doctors telling me that when I get sick it’ll often be a bit worse than “normal” people. Thankfully, I have escaped this months work environments infestation of some flu bug. Yay!

  4. I just went through the same thing. Something I learned from my sons doc is to use what is called a “Neti Pot.” Weird but it works when you have a runny or stuffy nose. It almost looks like a genie pot. You fill it with warm water & a natural salt. Put it up to one nostril lean forward and the water will come out the other nostril. Do both sides of the nose. You will be amazed at how many times you blow your nose after and it relieves the pressure. Since I have been using it my head colds don’t get as bad.

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