thanksgiving day questions

i just came across a site (serious eats) that suggested (mostly in jest, i think) that there might be other choices for our national thanksgiving day main dish (spagetti carbonara?). i never heard of such a question, but it got me wondering, what do people who don’t like turkey eat for thanksgiving? i personally love the big bird, and would eat it until i was ill (seems i come close to that every nov. 22) but there must be people who don’t care for it. so do those people just eat the side dishes (certainly a grand meal in themselves) or do they make a cheeseburger for themselves?

my grandmother, who used to host massive thanksgiving day feasts, used to threaten every now and then to scrap the whole deal, and take herself to the red coach grill for dinner. i don’t think she ever did, but, again, i’d never even considered the idea of dining out on thanksgiving day. aside from not having any leftovers, it seems like maybe a good idea. have any of you ever tried it?

and maybe there is a little business in providing thanksgiving leftovers on the day after. you’d place your order, and we’d send out foil-wrapped and tupperweared (tupperworn?) portions of shredded turkey, mashed potato, stuffing, gravy, cranberry sauce, maybe some squash or turnip, green beans, all the fixin’s, and, for an extra fee, a selection of leftover pies. i think it could work. we go to a cousin’s house, which is nice for not having the set-up and clean-up, but i do miss the leftovers. i’ll have to give this some thought, and get back to you.

i hope everyone – no matter what you eat or where you eat it – has a safe and happy holiday.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “thanksgiving day questions”

  1. I spent most of my childhood Thanksgiving holidays with your “other” grandmother. No, no. You are right. She never cooked the meal, but instead would come and join us. One year, my Mother went on strike and we ate the Chilton Club, one of the most formal clubs in the city. We all sat up straight, ate the small portions and missed the yearly soccer game.

    Andrew, who was perhaps 18 at the time, ordered a large pizza the minute we got home. It has never occurred to me to eat at a restaurant again!

    I didn’t eat poultry until age 24. Some years there was a ham nearby, other years the sides were enough. One year Connie brought me a hamburger. Now my sister won’t eat meat, so I am making a whole fish in parchment as her protein substitute, and two versions of the stuffing.

    And in my effort to make everyone happy, I have gladware in the kitchen so everyone can take home some leftovers. Half the joy of Thanksgiving is the turkey sandwiches.

    Have a wonderful turkey day!


    p.s. you can actually make turkey on other days of the years to satisfy your leftover cravings!

  2. My beloved is firmly on the turkey side of the line. One year BC (before children) we had Thanksgiving with his folks and (as we were only 4 people) his mother (sensibly, maybe) served a roast chicken. He didn’t forgive her for years.

    mdmhvonpa, I was recently given an Italian cookbook that had a recipe for meat loaf stuffed with spaghetti! It looked…interesting.

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