so it begins

ok, friends, here come the holidays. the last dried up hunks of turkey have been thrown out, and the flood of catalogs has doubled. it must be christmas time. working as i do in retail, i am acutely aware of the growing tension in the purchasing public. will i get this in time, why don’t you have that available, etc.  most people so far have been polite and no more  unpleasant on the phone than they usually are, but i’m  sure as december begins the slip away, so will their civility.

i have been discovering the downside to tysabri. markedly increased fatigue, which makes it hard to manage all the numbers i have to deal with (customer id numbers, item stock numbers, credit card numbers) towards the end of the day, with cognitive fatigue. i’m also finding that my legs , well, mostly my legs, ache.  weight gain, increased need to pee, all are listed side effects  of tysabri.  i still have yet to discover any benefit.  it may be that i’d now be worse off than  i am, were it not for the tysabri,  but there is no way of knowing. i guess i’d trade fatigue and some achey muscles for the ability to walk.

the fatigue makes it very hard to do anything but sleep, eat and work. and the sleep is weird- i’m tired but my body has a hard time settling down, all itchy and twitchy when i get into bed. vacuuming the down stairs takes me all day. blah blah blah.

big snow on the way, they say. my daughter is already convinced she will be sleeping in tomorrow. we shall see.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

2 thoughts on “so it begins”

  1. Ask your doc for a prescription for Requip 0.50 mg. Take 2 hours before you go to bed….guaranteed no twitching.

    Feel better soon,

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