tysabri #5

ugh. took three needle pokes and two nurses to get my iv in. the first nurse tried twice, and left in tears. yeah, it hurt, but i told her it was ok, we all have bad days, etc. i spent the three hours at the infusion center struggling to stay awake, got back to work and felt the o’ panic welling up, like the last time i tried steroids. so i came home early, and slept for three hours.

the nurses seemed a little concerned about the increases in some symptoms, the fatigue, leg aches, etc. they called my nero who wants an additional blood test, along with the antibody test. i am less and less impressed with tysabri.

and less and less interested in thinking, talking or blogging about ms.


3 thoughts on “tysabri #5

  1. i am so sorry you are going through all of this. i can understand you not wanting to blog about MS. anyways…we are here to listen to whatever you do want to write or talk about.

  2. What’s an infusion center? Is it better than a home visiting nurse?

    I stopped the Solumedrol, because 1> I was sick of the nurses coming into my home 2> The unreliability made me waste days off from work 3> The ups and downs of Roid Rage versus the exhaustion and finally 4> feeling unwell from the stupid infusions was worse than the progression of the MS and finally 5> the insurance didn’t want to cover much of it, anyway.

    Infuriated the doctor, though.

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