jets/patriots live blog

live-blogging the jets-patriots game: here at half-time, i’m just really glad i’m in my living room, with a fire in the fireplace, the smell of cookies wafting thru the house, instead of out in foxboro in the "winter mix," which for you non-new englanders means snow/rain/sleet/wind. third quarter starting just now. pats kicking into the wind. with the lights on in the stadium.

my last neuro appointment left we with the understanding that while i don’t have a life-threatening brain infection, i do have to adjust to a new level “disability,” physical fatigue which makes driving, especially in the snow when i can’t use cruise control, really doing anything physical is a challenge.

jets punt, patriots start on their own 9, into the wind.

and my dog now seems to have decided that anytime anyone does anything in the kitchen that it must be dinner time, and he lies on the floor making the most pittiful whining, as if to say, you have never fed me ever before in my life, and i am about to die of hunger, literally. trust me, he’s not.

tom brady intercepted? offensive interference, declined. jets, first down on their own 35. brad smith, runs the option, and actually makes 7 yards.

jets in position for a field goal, pats recover a fumble. wife brings me some cookie “mistakes” to dispose of. life is good.

blizzarding here, winter weather advisory until into monday, tho we shall see what things look like tomorrow. i know that, unless my driveway is impassable, i will be expected at work. in fact, the only day i get off this whole holiday season is Christmas day itself.
wife asks what those black rubber bands are that the players wear on their arms, me being forced to admit i don’t know. third quarter over, 7-17 patriots. unless the jets pull it together, or the pats make some bad mistakes, i expect a rather ho hum fourth quarter.

i am a little apprehensive for my father to visit, he gets very concerned at any change in my condition, he will see me hobbling more, less able to haul firewood up from the basement, etc. it makes me feel a little useless when there is a lot of things to get done, and i really can’t do very many of them.

jets driving, pats letting them burn up the clock, a touchdown won’t really hurt them. then the pats will have it back with about 6 minutes left, playing with the wind at their back, won’t be the 70-0 score i heard mentioned before the game, but barring any big mistakes, shouldn’t be a problem. 3rd and 1 at the 25, incomplete pass, they will attempt a field goal to pull within one score.

tom brady sacked at the 20, pats get a field goal, score 20-10, fans throwing snowballs stops the game momentarily. horsecollar tackle on the kick of runback, putting the jets in scoring position. stupid.

touchdown jets? red flag from new england to challenge. results? incomplete pass, pats dodge a bullet. jets miss the field goal, time is now 2:20 or so, score is 20-10 patriots, that’s going to make it a 14-0 season, two games left.  so much for that.

anyway i hope all-y’all are heading towards a happy holiday season.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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