pissed off

you know what pisses me off? i’m sitting here at 6 am on sunday, up since 5, because i can’t sleep (leg pain, stiff joints, restless mind), and my son comes down after being woken to get ready for a day of skiing, and says, oh, i want to go back to bed. poor guy. yeah, i really feel for him.  that pisses me off.

oh, he’s not being insensitive. i’d like to go back to bed too. i’d like to be able to go skiing. but i get pissed off when people around me say, oh, i’m so tired. after that day of skiing, to say, boy, am i sore. hey, pal, i get sore like that just walking up the stairs. and you don’t know the meaning of “tired.”

again, not that they are being insensitive- they really are tired and sore.  but i can’t, even in this holiday time, find any compassion for their piddling soreness or tiredness, brought on by a day of skiing. so ho ho ho to you too.


4 thoughts on “pissed off

  1. Yeah, it is a piss off, esp when others are doing activities that “we used to do.” I certainly understand not wasting compassion on him.

    Tiredness affects each of us differently; some are “born tired.”

    I live in a house where I am the only woman – complaints are expected from me. And that is the piss off for me around here.

    So to retaliate — when I am soooo tired that I can’t even make it from the bed to the bathroom, I enlist help from one of them.

    They find that the heavier that I lean on them to get to my destination, they measure my degree of tiredness. Sometimes my leg drags, sometimes my whole body doesn’t cooperate. Sometimes I have to be carried; sometimes to be wheeled.

    And afterward, I always tell them when thanking that I hope they never know this kind of tiredness or fatigue.

    Being pissed off at someone who has no idea is wasted energy. Telling them and making them understand is enlightenment and peace.

    Happy Holidays to you,

  2. Glad to hear that your son was able to make the trip home for Christmas, even if the result is you being pissed off for a minute. Our kid is home as well, for such a short time. We are up in the North Country and the mountains are so beautiful today. Clear with shimmering snow and ice.

    Enjoy the holiday, enjoy the kids, enjoy a warm fire without any where to go.

    Take care,


  3. (SNICKER) … Yes, yes … up-hill both ways in the snow … 10 miles … walk to school … killed a bear with my pencil box.

    Kids today … I became my grandfather much too early.

  4. I imagine you were a lot like your son when you were his age. Sometimes ignorance is bliss, and bliss rhymes with piss. Let’s hope that the fates only see occassional grumpiness in his future!

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