tysabri #6

i hope you all had a happy and healthy holiday, christmas, new year celebration, whatever your persuasion. for me it was loud and busy, and it slowly dawned on me (i’m not very bright) that the stress of the whole thing, including what leaked over the phones here at work from my customers, increased my general fatigue levels. my neuro gave me ritalin (the label says “amphetamine”!), and told me if i take it to monitor my blood pressure – me who is already on 3 blood pressure meds. also said it can worsen insomnia, which i really need. i took one yeaterday, noticed no effect, and i really don’t want to take it. the fatigue is worst end of day, when i don’t need to be speeding.

anywho, as much as i love the holiday season, i’m glad it’s over. now if it would just stop snowing! i’m getting sick of driving to work, or driving home, at 20 mph.

i read somewhere this morning, “ms is not a death sentence, it’s a life sentence.” take that anyway you like, i thought it was well said.

going in for tysabri #6 tomorrow, and managed to wangle the whole day off, as a sick day. i just hope don’t get the same nurse i got last time, who had a very hard time finding the vein and after three tries gave up in tears.

and, finally, i have to say i am not really in the mood these days to blog about ms – i’m sick of having it, sick of thinking about it, sick of reading about it, talking about it, etc. i’ll think of something else to write about. cheers!


2 thoughts on “tysabri #6

  1. Happy new year to you.

    A google of that quote showed it appeared in some literature from Teva Neuroscience, maybe you were having some light reading 😉

    A share your view about being sick of blogging about MS. I try to blog about other random stuff too, trying to keep my mind off it as much as possible. Let’s make 2008 a year when MS isn’t the main focus of our lives.

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