new year, new me

i’m not really a new years resolution kind of guy, but i am taking the change in year, along with the change of my son going back to college, to make some changes. i’m trying to take them slowly – trying to take everything on at once has doomed me in the past. baby steps.

first the weight issue. i do need to lose weight – everyone on my medical team (exept my dentist) says 10-20 pounds would do me wonders, and i am tired of being a fat guy. my wife swears by the south beach diet, and wants me to join her in it. i did atkins a few years ago, and lost quite a bit fast (then got pneumonia, which triggered a major ms relapse).  but i also lean toward vegetarianism and macrobiotics. south beach is rather high in fat and meat- not swank or macro friendly. so i am trying to reconcile a lot of different principles – the low carb of the south beach phase one, which makes sense, the low fat of swank, the various principles of macro (local, seasonal, whole foods, rather heavy on the grains), the vegetarianism. my main problems with all of this are 1) it all requires a lot of planning and kitchen work and energy, which is often in short supply. 2) it is hard to come up with breakfasts and lunches i can bring to work (i am out of the house at 7, and i just can’t face eating that early on a busy morning). i made these sort of crustless quiche things that are from south beach, and if i make them with “fake eggs” (egg beaters), they would fit swank, and provide the big protein breakfast. i also am trying to find some sort of bean recipe i can bring to work and heat up for breakfast. (sugar-free baked beans?) lunch is not hard, just a green salad with tuna or chicken (not macro or veggie) or baked tofu. all of that requires some amount of forethought – i guess just habit to get into. dinner then, again, requires the forethought and energy to make something – a stir-fry or such, or if what my wife makes is swank-friendly (not beef) then i can put aside the veggie/macro thing and join her. i guess the trick is to ease into all of this, and not try to take it all on at once. my goal is gradual weight loss, settling down to a healthy, natural and maintainable weight, while creating eating habits i can maintain for the long haul. breaking old eating patterns (eating late in  the evening, eating sugar) must be broken.

i also plan to watch less tv – a time when i traditionally do a lot of snacking- and put that time to more creative use: writing, making music, photography, or even just reading.

i want to find a new job – i’ve about had it with “cuddledown, this is stephen, how may i help you?” all day long. i have no idea what that will mean, where to look, how to go about it, etc. there is more to be said about that, in another post.
so those are my non-resolutions. just the changes that have been waiting to be made.  how about you?


3 thoughts on “new year, new me

  1. oh my…those diets seem so complex! depression and anxiety usually help me to lose weight but i would not reccommend that method.

    my resolution is to be a better friend this year. i feel i am already failing miserably.

  2. Listen. Number one: People who work nights always have weight problems, because of the ruined circadian rhythms.

    So, work days.

    … and check into what the kids are eating. All the young people I know (except those who work with me…) have largely vegetarian diets. They eat what they like for breakfast too, even beans.

    Number two: eat exactly what you want WHEN you want it.

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