clarification, and swank decision

to clarify the last post, i am looking for songs that use “hey” as an exclamation, as opposed to “hey, jude,” (thanks for the comment, tho, kenny!) or pink floyd’s “hey you.” more like “blitzkreig bop,” by the ramones, or the ubiquitous “hey song,” well known by most sports fans (actually “rock and roll part 2′ by gary glitter.) and of course “what i like about you.”
i also dealt with my diet issue, by choosing to do the basic swank diet, with as few carbs (bread, rice, etc.) as possible. i figure if i’m going to do some structured diet, i might as well do one that will hopefully lose me some weight and might even do something for the ol’ ms (tho they talk about benefits after a year – argh). and it’s just a basic very healthy diet in general – very low saturated fat mostly. and since it allows most of my usual “comfort foods,” like toast (possible the most perfect food) and sweets (although fat-free) and since there are so many fat free choices to make these days, i don’t think it’ll be too hard. just no meat, except white meat chicken, lots of fish, all the veggies and fruit i want. i’ll stick to limited whole grain pasta, bread and rice, and, this is the big weight-loss trick for me, no night snacking!
i managed to get thru the holidays with no weight gain, and while i don’t want to sound like i’m a weight loss fanatic, i have been told by almost everyone on my medical team that 1o to 20 pounds would do me a lot of good. so now i begin. i’l let you know.

and for little fun, open up your wallet and find out where your money has been.


2 thoughts on “clarification, and swank decision

  1. Hey song: Hey, did you happen to see the most beautiful girl in the world? If you did, was she crying, crying?

    I’ve heard Charlie Rich sing this song but newer singers have recorded it too. That’s my hey song contribution!

    Re Diet – To do the Swank diet right off the bat is tough. I’ve been on a version it (most of it) for many years and the easiest way to cut out the stuff we like to eat is to do away with one item at a time instead of cutting out everything all at once. Exercise is the key to making this diet work.

    Good luck,

  2. never tried the swank diet…actually i have never been on a diet. i just don’t think i could do it successfully.

    just coming on over to see how you have been doing. i feel like you are a world away here on wordpress. stop by sometime…the door is always open.

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