too much sleep?

is it possible to get too much sleep? i have been dealing with chronic insomnia, and just kicked a clonapin habit that was a bear, which futrther messed up my sleep patterns, and been getting by on 4 and5 hours of sleep. but last night, i was asleep by 10, woke up at 6, and dozed until 7. and i am feeling more sleepy than ever. so did i get too much sleep?

in the process of getting off the clonapin (which i took for leg cramps, and which was the first thing i had taken that worked, and it worked great, but i seemed to have built a tolerance for it, and it was becoming less effective, and then my regular doc told me it was an anti-anxiety drug, and it was making me sleepy and messing with my head too much, so i stopped taking it) i was startled by how much this drug, which i had thought was “just” for the leg cramps, had burrowed itself into my head, and how hard it was to get it out. it’s been over a week,  and my sleep patterns are still a mess. i’ve been able to treat the cramps fairly well with calcium/magnesium and a homeopathic remedy with quinnine (my neuro recomended i drink tonic water, which also has quinnine but, without the gin, tastes terrible), tho they still keep me awake here and there. my neuro says meds for restless leg won’t work, because this is not restless leg (tho it sure sounds like it to me). i think i will see if my regular doc will get me some requip, and see what happens.

and i go in for tyabri #7 on thursday. i’m still not sold on it. it has not brought any benefit, and the only thing in it’s favor is that i might be worse off if i had not been taking it. might be. no way to know. i hate the iv part, but it is just once every 4 weeks. i don’t know. i’m still walking and working, so i guess i can’t complain. as i’ve been telling another friend, i hate meds.

i’m sure there is more going on, but this is all the atoms of my tiny brain will alow for the moment.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

5 thoughts on “too much sleep?”

  1. i hate meds too. i so appreciate your honesty in talking about how things are going.

    we are having a discussion about meds for depression over at my site…you are welcome to give your thoughts and opinions.

  2. This can be tricky. I was trained by a program called Recovery, in which they recommend staying in bed for the full amount of time needed. If you sleep, then excellent, otherwise, the rest comes from just lying there.

    I found this difficult to do at first, but I’ve learned to sleep some 6-7 hours at night and get about an hour’s nap every day. Just resting leads to learning to relax, and that often leads to sleep itself.

    Before, I used to get up and watch movies instead. Then I couldn’t function well. Now I am a homemaker by days and work a night job.

    Works for me.

  3. Oh lord, do ever relate. I hate the regimen of anti-depressants and Copaxone injections plus MORE drugs on top of that to combat the depression caused by the Copaxone PLUS all the other stuff I was taking before this whole MS mess got started. GAH. I’m turning into my own pharmacy.

    RE: Clonopin: it can be rather dangerous from what I understand. I’ve heard from people in recovery from alcohol that many folks have been dragged back into drinking after getting hooked on Clonopin – and after starting it for a legitimate reason (like pain or whatever). It’s one of a group of Benzodiazepine drugs, which are used as sedatives, tranquilizers and the like, in addition to pain. They’re strong suckers and enormously addictive.

    I’m no doctor, so take this for whatever it’s worth 🙂 , but I suspect it’ll take a bit of time to get the Clonopin out of your system, but once it does your sleep patterns will normalize… Glad you were able to get off it before you got too hooked.

    (And, of course, this opens up a whole ‘nother can of worms about why doctors prescribe controlled substances or potentially addictive/harmful drugs willy-nilly without thinking about their side effects, ability to be addictive or other drug interactions… I recently heard someone who got pregnant after being on Paxil – turns out the Paxil lessened the effectiveness of her birth control pills, but do you think her doctor told her that might happen? Of course not… ARGH. Anyway… )

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