well, this rituxan stuff looks interesting – one shot a week for two weeks, good for year. so far, it’s just the mice getting the benefit, but maybe we’re next. i’ll keep my fingers crossed, but i’m not holding my breath. those lucky mice.

 and this, a daily haiku in my mailbox, is one of the little nice things i look forward to every day.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “RITUXAN?”

  1. I’m a ‘lucky’ double-dipper in the autoimmune bucket with MS and RA. Just last week, I had a discussion with my rheumatologist about the possibility of using Rituxan for the RA and the studies in MS (before this press release came out). If we decide to go there, I’ll definitely let all the MS folks know if it helps. But we have some time to think about it and I still need to consult with my neurologist. It’s an option, although an expensive option ($20,000+ per infusion I think?)

    I’ve got a blog and have started talking about MS. You’re welcome to come on over. Brass and Ivory


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