places to go, things to see

i submitted a couple of photographs the other day to a state-wide year-long exhibit of art by members of the “disabled community,” and by joining the exhibit, i guess i am now a part of that community. tho i never have, and still don’t, think of myself as disabled.

that, along with my reading of “waist-high,” (see last post), i am compelled to put together this list (which will, i’m sure, be amended frequently, the more i think of it) of places i want to go before….well, before it is too late, whatever that means.

easiest to get to are a few domestic destinations. the grand canyon, the southwest deserts, the montana badlands, those kinds of places. mostly, i’d like to do a long, lesisurely tour of the united states to see places like those. i recently remembered stories of the grey rabbit, which used to run busses across the country – sort of a hippie greyhound,  valued as much for it’s cheap transport as for it’s communal experience. now there is the green tourtoise, offering tours that wander communally across the country. so that would be one item on my life to-do list.

another place i’d like to see (and i beleive that buses can still get me there) is machu pichu. i love climbing to high places (or loved to, back when i still could) so any chance to get up to this site would be a real treat.

in the same vein, i would love to see angkor wat, in cambodia.  i just saw a “loney planet” episode about angkor wat, and i am completely sold.

in a somewhat different tack, i want to spend a weekend at the newport jazz festival. i had put it on my 50th birthday list (the only item), but i think other schedules will prevent it this year. (yes, i turn 50 this fall.) so it stays on the list, just the year becomes fluid.

i’ve seen american cities, and i’m not terribly interested in seeing more (tho perhaps one in a somewhat warmer climate woud be nice right about now), (and i would never turn down an invitation) and i’ve seen a few european cities as well (tho i do want, for very personal reasons, to spend time in lausanne, switzerland.) i am not the most mobile person, and getting from place to place is a puzzle to work out. as is how to get around once i am there, but i know there are resources for people like me, “slow-walkers,” i think we are called. maybe my future is in finding ways for myself and people like me to get to and explore places like these. a slow-walker green tortoise tour? why not.

there are plenty more places, i know. more that i will think of, more that will be suggested to me, etc. an on-going list.

otherwise, i just did tysabri #7 (8?) and aside from what has become weekend of extreme fatigue, i still find no noticeable results. thank god (or whoever) for health insurance – i don’t know how uninsured people pay for this. i guess they don’t. makes me feel a little wasteful for indulging in it, while feeling no benefit. i guess i am just another lucky while guy.

what’s on your to-do-in-what’s-left-of-my-life list?


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “places to go, things to see”

  1. Oh, heavens. So many things! I’d like to go to Vienna, London along with various areas of the UK.

    The Grand Canyon is incredible and totally worth seeing. Montana and Wyoming, too, were are very beautiful and the Badlands are pretty amazing. In my view, though, they’re nott really worth a separate trip: if you happen to be going through South Dakota (as I was, twice) the Badlands and Mt. Rushmore are a pretty cool diversion. Otherwise, for my money, I’d rather go somewhere like Yellowstone where nature is not overrun with billboards and advertisments. 😛

    Sorry to hear the Tysabri doesn’t appear to be working – must be frustrating. Hang in there!

  2. you sound good. this is an excellent topic. wow…i dunno…i need to think on what i want to do. stay on path comes to mind…whatever that means.

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