a bunch of things

well, ok, enough of those photograph things. how about some thoughts? i know i’ve had one or two of them lately. i even wrote some of them down on little scraps of paper.

first of all, i am listening as i write this to my son’s radio show, “benzo and nav are murdering the classics,” broadcast on subcity radio from the university of glasgow. they do it at noon (glasgow time) every tuesday, and put each show online for the rest of us mortals to listen to. if you manage to listen, benzo (my son) is the one without the silly scottish accent. (sorry, nav.)

i am also printing out the basic forms for maine’s health care advance directives. i had recommended a booklet called “5 wishes” that allows you to specify how you want to be treated if you are unable to care for yourself, and designate who you want to be in charge of those details. it’s a fine document, but a little “groovy,” and new age. my parents sent me copies of their advance directives on forms they had gotten from the state of vermont. i liked the format better than the five wishes (and it’s free), so i found those forms for maine, and printed them out. very straightforward and easy to figure out. and highly recommended. if you still accept my recommendations.

ALSO, i just printed out forms to begin the process of getting hand controls for my car. the other day when i was pulling into my garage, my foot missed the brake pedal and i sort of smashed into the wooden steps leading from the garage to the house. no real damage, but it was a little scary, and after a few very loud naughty words, i breathed a sigh of relief that the only thing i had hit was the steps, and the only damage was to the front licence plate on my car. i realize that driving to and from work is proving to be exhausting – having to lift my leg onto and off of the pedals with my hand. driving is less and less enjoyable, and probably dangerous. so, despite the pain-in-the-butt quotient and the expense, i’m going to have to do it. i don’t think my insurance will be any help, but so be it.

i have been thinking a little bit lately about how one knows when it is time to stop working. one friend who no longer works tells me to leave work before you HAVE to, so you can leave on your own terms. maybe i just don’t want to work any more. any of you readers no longer working who want to share your stories, i’d love to hear.

nate, the i.t. guy where i work has installed hefty new firewall software so that almost all of the sites i used to surf to i can no longer surf to, including most of the sites listed on the right hand column of this page. but i did stumble upon “growing happiness,” which seems to be a very inspiring and pleasant site to browse. take a look, grow a little happiness.

anyway, i think the ms has progressed to secondary progressive, which has me a little freaked out and depressed. with almost every other aspect of ms, there is no objective test for spms, so it’s just me who thinks so. but still. i have two more tysabri infusions, then me and my neuro will hash it out. i must say i won’t miss the monthly iv poke.

enough. i hope you are all well and prospering and enjoying some form of spring weather.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “a bunch of things”

  1. Hello Stephen,

    Having one of those moments where every now and then everything gets too much.

    Thanks for your comment about my posts being inspirational to you.

    It works both ways have just read your comment again and feel heaps better, thanks.

    Do you think I could find the advance directives forms from the state of Vermont on line?

    Have fun and enjoy the weather and the forest.



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