heat is my kryptonite

superman51.mp3i was out this morning, hoping to do some photography, but i was too early for any people to be out and about, so i just came home. my daughter had some friends over the other night to sleep out in the tent, and i started to dismantle it, but found that, even at 9 in the am, it was too hot for me. i forget, and am amazed by, how quickly heat sucks the energy from my body. really changes how i approach summer. i guess i gotta get one of them cooling vest thingies.



Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

3 thoughts on “heat is my kryptonite”

  1. I feel like someone let the the plug out and drained all my energy when there is heat. It is already hitting me too. I like this ice pack neck wrap thingy I have. It works good.

    Hope you find some relief!

  2. “Heat is my kryptonite” just popped up as a possible related blog to one I just posted re. heat wave haiku. I couldn’t resist checking it out, as that is exactly how I feel! Perfect metaphor!

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