someone’s gotta do it

so here i am at work – on memorial day – as you all are planning your bbq’s and heading to the beach. someone’s gotta answer the phones. someone might need to order a fitted sheet or some towels!

a few things – i heard a very moving story this morning on the radio (as i was driving to work) about an organization in france that has adopted the american cemetary in normandy, and how a woman discovered her uncle is burried there. she contacted the french organization and asked that someone place flowers on his grave. she received a photo of the decorated grave, and has been communicating with the man who has been caring for the grave ever since. anyway, it was very moving.

for some reason, i watched the entire indy 500 yesterday – not in any way a typical pursuit of mine. best moment – danica patrick storming down pit row toward the guy who bumped her and took her car out of the race. from the salt lake tribune:  ”I was ready to take it all off, my helmet and everything – because it’s hard to talk through the helmet,” Patrick said. ”It’s probably a better idea that I didn’t make it all the way down there anyway because, well, as you guys know, I’m a little emotional.” a pretty good driver, nice smile, and tough, too. you go, girl. and she’s not the only female indy driver, either. apparently, this year there were three – danica, sarah fisher,  and milka duno. you go, girls!

and, again for some reason, i tracked down an old college friend last night. i don’t know why his name popped into my head, but i did a little google searching, and found an email for him, and we exchanged a few messages. i’ve also found several members of my junior high class (i went to a very small private school for 8th and 9th grade), including my first girlfriend. it is remarkable how easy it is to find people thru the interwebs. but what do you say to them? i mean, the story of my life over the past 25-30 years is A)probably not all that interesting, and B) long. and C) probably not very interesting. i mean, i don’t want to immediately go into, “yeah, my daughter had a heart transplant, and i have ms.” great way to rekindle a friendship.

so todays question (when you get back from the beach!) – have you ever tracked down an old, long lost friend, and if so, what did you say?


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “someone’s gotta do it”

  1. While I have attempted to track people down, I’ve never gotten a response. Perhaps one go-around with me was enough…

    I no longer try.

  2. Most recently, I tracked down a long-lost cousin (his parents divorced when he was very young, and he went with the mom and her new husband, not with his father, my uncle). He responded, but didn’t seem particularly interested.

    My long-lost college roommate tracked me down and the week before last we met up in DC for dinner and had a great time!

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