great movie, etc.

i just watched the diving bell and the butterfly, a really great movie. reminded me a little of johnny got his gun, both movies about men trapped in their bodies, one via a massive stroke, the other by war. both discover a means to communicate (the stroke victim could only move one eye, johnny was left with no arms or legs or face – neither could move or speak), and both stories are deeply moving and highly recommended.

i did my left-foot driving evaluation – a lot of cognitive tests, some physical testing, and a drive in a car overly crowded with adaptive driving equipment. the car was some old overpowered boat, and both the foot control and the hand control were both jammed in and hard to operate in the car. we decided on the left-foot pedal, in case i ever got gimpy on my left side like i am in my right side. the foot controls are cheaper and easier to install and, if need be, replace. so have to order the thing, get it installed, learn to drive with it, then convince the dmv i don’t pose a hazard on the roads. phew.

on another tack, i’ve read a few books about ms – climbing higher, fall down laughing, blindsided, and, though not really about ms, the best of the bunch, waist high in the world. i’d be interested to hear what books about ms you’d recommend. chime in.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “great movie, etc.”

  1. Have been wanting to see ‘the diving bell and the butterfly’. As far as MS books, or stories by MS patients, I haven’t read too many. I thorougly enjoyed ‘Blindsided’ and should check out ‘Strong at the Broken Places’ which is also by Richard Cohen. Another book I enjoyed was ‘Life on Cripple Creek’. I’ll have to look into ‘Waist High in the World’ as it looks to be very interesting.

    BTW, it would be nice of you to add Brass and Ivory to your blogroll. And please consider contributing something for the next Carnival of MS Bloggers. Just click on my name to take you to my blog and look around.

  2. this is the second or third reference i have heard of this movie. is this on dvd to rent now? i will definitely have to see it. i hope you have a joyous weekend!

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