utility belt

i’ve discovered, now that i’ve started using my cane at work – and essentially everywhere i go (“don’t leave home without it!”) – that it is difficult at best to carry more than one item at a time. like a cup of coffee and a donut. what i need is something like a utility belt, or a little tray with a cup holder, that goes around my waist like a fanny pack. i’m sure it would look pretty silly, but it sure would be useful. maybe i just need to cut out the donut. or the coffee. tough decision.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “utility belt”

  1. maybe you could fashion a fold down tray, the kind in airplanes, which is attached like a backpack but in front. or with straps around the neck and around the waist. it’d be like a portable table everywhere you go. I’m just thinkin’ it’s hard to give the donut or the coffee.

  2. May I propose the aluminum collapsible cane? It can be shortened and hung from a regular belt. The coffee can go into a sealable cup. And the donut? Well, donuts are to be eaten slowly and savored. Not taken on the run like a Presley Pill.

    Personally, I eschew the cane to hold up the walls instead. Our building is old and not very spacious, so it’s feasible. Coffee is no longer one of my pleasures at work. Shaky hands promise a mess every time. Water doesn’t stain and comes in a bottle with a top.

  3. Hi!
    I came across your blog and just thought I would say hello and that I enjoy reading it. You might try one of those insulated lunch bags with a strap on it for your coffee and donut. If you put the strap across from your shoulder to your waist on the other side it works pretty good. Just make sure the lid is on the coffee tight .

  4. Also new to this blog, and I’m enjoying reading through your posts. I found you through Lisa’s list (thanks Lisa!)

    Life demands coffee, and coffee demands a donut… I do like your idea of a utility belt… maybe you could go to a pick-your-part and find a coffee cup holder. But how to attach it? Too much for my brain today. If you’re using a sealed mug, a carabiner (oh my spelling) would work from the belt. But if you’re using paper cups and trying to get from the pick-up point to a table, that’s the trick!

    My walking stick has a “y” at the top (tree branch) and it is very handy for holding shopping bags while leaving my hand free to work the stick.

    I’ll be interested to see what you come up with!

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