i don’t understand. the entire world, or at least anyone who pays any sort of attention, knows what is going on in zimbabwe, and yet it goes on. this “group of eight nations” condemns the election as a sham and deplore the violence, and does nothing to stop it. people are being forced to vote. people have been, and probably are still being, killed and beaten, and the rest of the world essentially says, “tut tut, that’s just terrible,” and yet allows it to continue. why is this? i just don’t get it. isn’t this what the un was supposed to be for? it makes me angry, frustrated and disgusted. what can i do? what can we as humans do when other humans are being treated with such brutality? (not entirely a rhetorical question – anyone have any ideas?) will a change in leadership in this country have any affect on things like this in the future? i have not heard anything from obama or mccain on the topic, so i wonder.

i have great fear for what will happen in zimbabwe when the results of this “election” are announced. as if anyone has any doubt about who will be proclaimed the “winner.” argh.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “WTF, WORLD?”

  1. Yes, Zimbabwe. Of course, you do know if the US even hinted that it would try to intercede … the usual suspects would trample each-other in a rush to cry RACIST KILLERS, HITLERS and such. Sad state of affairs.

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