reading blogs

i have this “blogroll,” (sounds like an item in the lunchline at a scary cafeteria), that is mostly stocked with blogs by other ms-people. and nothing personal, but sometimes i have no desire to read blogs about people with ms. i assume my fellow ms bloggers feel the same- sometimes i feel all too immersed in ms, and want only to be distracted by other things.

there is a book titled “no one cares what you had for lunch,” about what to blog about, and i am not usually interested in other people’s personal-life blogs, unless i know them personally or they have really interesting lives. (at least more interesting than mine, which i guess isn’t saying much.) i’m looking to expand my blog-reading horizons.

so tell me, what blogs do you read?


3 thoughts on “reading blogs

  1. It’s all done in bunches.

    I keep a bunch of msers, then another bunch of those who blog daily, then a bunch of those who have other ties to me, either through interests or personal contact, finally I keep two political blogs, one on the East Coast, one on the West.

    When I want something different, I follow links provided by those bloggers.

  2. I try not to immerse myself in all things MS. After all, I have the daily symptoms, the meds, and the junk mail I get everyday from every drug co that has an interest in me. I don’t like to write about it in my blog, but occasionally do. Somehow, keeping up with the ones I’ve “met” through the blog roll allow me to feel less isolated, that we have all this in common to some degree.
    I read blogs about creativity, art sites, and even spiritual affirmation type sites. I enjoy your photographs and encourage you to devote more time to it. Getting back to painting has been the best therapy and positive influence on my health and life.

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