i fell down

i fell down today, the first time i’ve tripped over my own feet and could not recover. when i drag my right foot, which i do most of the time, sometimes the rubber sole of the shoe catches, like catching an edge for you skiers, causing me to stumble. i’ve come close, but never actually fallen before. this was at work, in the break room (concrete floor – ouch!) but luckily no one was in there but me, so no one saw. no injury, not even to my pride. well, maybe  little bit.

i spent an afternoon last week going from shoe store to shoe store, looking for shoes with leather soles. all i could find were shiny patent leather pointy-toed loafers with big heels. nothing flat, with a leather sole. i have been wearing my moccasins around the house – almost perfect – but they have nice toasty warm furry lining, which is not good for 80 degree weather. but my gimpy foot can slide across the carpet, which is very nice. i ordered a pair that don’t have furry lining, and i am anxious to see how they work. i can’t drive in them, for the very same reason i like them for walking – they slip, and my foot slips off the pedal.

speaking of which, i have been driving (illegally) with my left foot for a few weeks, and i’m going in for a road test tomorrow. funny to think of me, 50 years old, nervous about a road test. i also have to have my eyes checked, which i am nervous about too.  hopefuly the guy will go easy on me. after all, i’m an old man.


5 thoughts on “i fell down

  1. The few times I’ve fallen like you describe, it shocked the heck out of me. I usually found sore muscles later which had tried (unsuccessfully) to keep me upright.

    Good luck on the driving test and for finding leather soled shoes.

  2. Good luck on the driving test. I’ve done that before, but got caught by my neuro.

    Well, I was using my cane to kick the clutch…

  3. Good luck on your test.
    I understand about the shoes.I’m always on the lookout for a pair that won’t trip me up. Going barefoot is easiest around the house, but I never know ’till after the fact if I’ve stubbed or hurt myself without shoes as protection.

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