what’s a gimp to do?

there’s a guy at my office who rides a bike to work every day – even in winter. i don’t know how far he rides, or what his motivator is, but his dedication is impressive. as i see more and more bikes on the road, and hear more every night on the news about how people are turning to bikes instead of cars, and all that stuff, i wonder, what’s a gimp to do? what can i do to add my two cents, as it were, to this anti-car movement?

riding a bike to work – much as i would love it – is out. not only would i burn out in about ten minutes, my balance leaves quite a bit to be desired, and i think i’d probably fall over or crash into a tree before my energy ran out. i could maybe manage to get all the way to work on a hand bike, but i don’t have a hand bike, and they are rather pricey. and i’d probably need to lie down for about an hour once i got there.

i’d love to ride a vespa-type scooter. i’ve always lusted after them. and with the demand for them rising so fast, there are so many to choose from –  even electric models. but the same problems ensue: i don’t have one, can’t spend the several thou to buy one, and i’d probably tip over. i even trip over a pattern in the carpet.

i could cut my drive quite a bit by driving to the bus stop and taking the bus, but it the closest it comes is more than a block from my office, and that is too far for me to walk – again unless i could lie down for an hour to recouperate. i suppose i could make that an accomodation for my employer to prove me with – a place to lie down. but i’d feel really strange sacking out in a corner of the office. the place is already pretty crowded.

so, amid all this whining, there is a genuine desire to drive the car less. i don’t drive to the park for lunch any more, and i try to consolidate or eliminate my weekend driving. maybe there is little a gimp can do, but it is yet another frustration.

(i did pass my driving exam, so now i am left-foot legal. it’s a bit uncomfortable, cramming my right foot into the corner, but it is a lot safer, and i’ll get used to it.)


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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