productivity, schmoductivity

i have a little list of blogs and other sites that i visit every day at work, when i’m not taking calls from people who can’t hear, or can’t read, or have no idea what the f**k they’re doing, and should not be allowed near a phone unsupervised. a few of them, like lifehacker, are “productivity” blogs – all about getting more stuff done in a more efficient manner – so that you can get even more stuff done. i don’t know why i read these blogs. i usually just skim them, and i have to admit that most of the post headlines don’t make any sense to me, like “Scalable Fabric Puts Window Thumbnails in Your Widescreen Edges”. wtf? does anyone really NEED to put windows thumbnails in their widescreen edges? maybe if i knew what that meant, i’d see the importance of it.

when i was last at my doctor’s office, i was thumbing thru a pointless magazine called “more,” and thought there should be a magazine called “less,” all about how to uncomplicate your life. but i guess the first bit of advice i’d give would be to stop reading pointless magazines, so “less” would probably have a pretty short lifespan.

after all, that’s what i’m all about – getting less done and enjoying it more. i’d love to dispense with weekend to-do lists, or to-do lists in general, and just get done what i get done. stuff happens. or doesn’t. i’m sure the important things would get done. maybe that’s what retirement is – no more to-do lists. tho i heard the line in some movie, “retirement means every morning, you either wake up or you don’t.”

and i suppose i’d never get to the writing of this blog – as deeply important as i know it is to my faithful readers – if i really and truly simplified my life. so maybe i’m talking thru my hat. as the weird saying goes.

oh, and speaking of getting things done, i’ve challenged myself to taking, or at least posting, one photograph every day. maybe not always “good” photographs, but some kind of image every day. follow my amazing progress at captured light.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “productivity, schmoductivity”

  1. I usually feel best about myself when I’m productive, but selectively productive. Prioritize. When I’m not “producing” I remind myself I’m a human being not a human doing, and allow myself to just BE. It’s always a question of balance with me.
    Love your photo blog…very impressive.

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