not doing anything

it is frustrating when, on a sunday evening, my wife tells me how i’ve done SO much over the weekend – when i don’t feel like i did much of anything.

a whole lot for me (like dragging the garden hose across the lawn, or vacuuming the living room) is such a trifle to other people. i can spend a whole saturday “cleaning” the basement, and exhaust myself, and only get done a tiny bit of what the entire task involves, a task i could have done in a half a day only two years ago.

these days, a little bit doesn’t hardly go anywhere.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “not doing anything”

  1. Two years ago I figured out that my abilities to ‘do stuff’ was limited to about 10 minutes of work with 50 minutes of rest. That pretty much seems to be the best I can do lately. Makes being productive a challenge.

  2. I can completely relate to that feeling. I’ve had this diagnosis for 20 years, (i’m 4o) yet I still set out to do a task in the most optimistic way only to be crushed with minimal longevity. If only intentions produced energy… we would all be a lot more satisfied. My husband is similarly supportive… its appreciated, yet it feels thin. Frustrating as it is, I suppose it is better to try than not to. Now we have to find a way to be satisfied with whatever that is. That would be a good coping mechanism.

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