ok, ok, ok

ok, this sudden fiction thing has changed so many times in my tiny head that i’ve decided, at least for now, to just make it another self-indulgent blog (like this one and my other one), and post my own sudden fiction. maybe some day, if there is enough (or any) interest, i’ll invite other writers to post there, and we’ll put together a book, and all become rich and famous.

i met with my neuro yesterday to talk about whether or not to continue tysabri. it doesn’t seem to be doing anything (tho to the question of would i be worse off if i hadn’t been taking it, he says “who knows?”) he suggested the next thing to try is cytoxan, which is a cancer-chemo-drug, that looks to me like it has a lot more possible nasty side effects. in the end, it seems to me that if i’m going to be taking something, i might as well stick with tysabri. it had no side effects for me, and beyond it’s cost (someone is paying $40,000 a year for this – not me; my insurance company, i guess) and the minor bother of a once a month infusion, really wasn’t much of an intrusion.

my next meeting (or phone call) with him will be to talk about doing nothing at all, and seeing what happens. he thinks i am still open to new attacks, i disagree. but he knows far more about ms than i do, so if he can convince me to keep going with tysabri, i guess i will.

i hate the “who knows?” part of ms: who knows if any of these drug therapies do any good at all? who knows if my lack of new symptoms is due to the drugs, or just the natural course ofthe disease? who knows?


3 thoughts on “ok, ok, ok

  1. hello friend. you have a new blog? i must see. sorry i have been so neglectful. i had a rather rotten depression simmering for quite awhile. i hear ya about the drugs. i was told about the new oral med coming out next year. not sure what i will do.

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