after reading the latest cat and girl, i got to thinking about the vaildation i (we?) expect from getting comments on our blogs. why do i check my blog every morning, even when i know i have not posted anything new in days – and even if i had, certainly i’d know what i’d posted, and why would i need to read it again? i’m looking for the validation i get when other people read – and post comments on – my blog. is that why there are so many “daily life” blogs floating around? i mean, let’s be honest, how much do we really care about other people’s daiy lives as chronicled in their little blogs? how much do people really care about my life as chronicled in my little blog? i don’t think anyone i know reads my blog. a few people whom i only know thru reading (occasionally) their blogs, read mine.

it’s the same with email. or even snail mail. why do i feel so let down when it’s only junk, when there is no contact from an actual person who seems to express interest in my actual life?

it all seems to become some sort of self-fulfilling pointlessness sometimes, a sort of shouting into the void. are we in such need of telling SOMEONE about our existence, like the whos down in whoville – “we are here! we are here!” – hoping that some horton will hear us, that we will just put our lives out there into the void hoping that someone – anyone – will notice us? and why do we keep doing it when no one, or when only one or two people, ever make it known that they are noticing us?

food for thought. i do find myself wracking my brain, trying to come up with some new idea for something to blog about that will have people – preferably vast amounts of people all over the world – flocking to my blog every day. but with however many thousands (millions?) of blogs out there, what chance have i got for stumbing on that great idea? my wife and daughter read some blog about a woman and her dog every day. i’ve never seen it, apparently she is a good writer and posts cute pix of the dog. but is that all it takes? being able to write fairly well about my everyday life, and posting some cute pix? maybe my everyday life is not all that interesting.

so i relegate myself to that class of people, a rapidly shrinking majority, who maintain a blog (actually i have three) that no one looks at. or if they look at them, are not moved to comment, to be a horton to my who. i know i’ll keep doing it, if only to make my own tiny ripple in the aether, a perhaps vain attempt to seek validation for my life on a grander scale than may even exsist.  like the tree falling in the forest, am i truly here if not one hears me?


8 thoughts on “validation

  1. I hear you. I don’t always have something to say which I think would add to your thoughts. But I do understand the feeling of talking into thin air at times. I enjoy reading your tales in which you tell it like it is, like the recent post about not wanting to get back on the computer once you get home. I can understand that desire. So here’s to let you know that you are heard.

  2. Well now I have to comment on this posting! Sometimes I’m amazed at what postings folks comment on, on my blog too. And then those postings that I think would evoke a conversation about a topic doesn’t happen! It’s all about expectations in my world. My blog has always been a way for me to better understand my disease and share a bit about my life with it, so it’s more my own personal journey that I can only hope comments, or not, someone is appreciating looking in on.
    That being said, I like your blog! I’ve been reaidng it for years I do believe! And I’m one of those that don’t comment often when I know I should. So keep at it my friend 🙂

  3. I hear you!
    It really is a compulsion to share part of yourself with others isn’t it. In a world where so many of our meetings with people go no further than to ask “what do you do then?” I think we are desperate to disclose and find out more intimate details about people – even if those details are as trivial as what you thought about as you were brushing your teeth this morning they are probably say more about a person than what they do “9 till 5”. I guess we all just want to be known really don’t we.
    So I hope you are straight off to check out my new blog now lol! Validate me!

  4. I subscribe your blog, so I read your blog regularly. I live with ME/CFS. Despite of MS and ME/CFS share some similar symptoms, I hardly see people with MS and ME/CFS mixing or be friends. I feel there are invisible wall between us, although I see our frustrations and limitations are the same.
    I use blog as a coping tool. And I assumed that it is for you, too. I like your blog, and I like your photos and I found Haiku site via your blog. I should have thanked you for that. I don’t leave comment because I don’t know what to say…

  5. oh my goodness! yes peep louder! you are heard! i do think what happens is that people just get sucked into the drama of their own lives and…blogging takes a back seat at times. with my great fluctuations in moods i am quite often distant and then i come back to attempting to re-connect and i feel like a modern day rip van winkle.

    anyways…you matter! you are important and worthy and i have always loved reading you from the very beginning. so keep writing. keep reaching out. keep connecting. sometimes it takes awhile but you are definitely heard.

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