i fill my pocket every day with lists of things that pop into my mind, things i know i will forget unless i write them down. many times, when i get home, some of those little scribbled notes don’t make any sense. but one thing i seem to write to myself every day is to write something for this blog. so this morning, i’m going to try to summarize those notes, and get them out of the way.

one of the most annoying gifts that ms has given me is what they call “drop-foot,” that feeling that i am walking with a ski boot on my right foot, or, for those of you who don’t ski, like i’m wearing a cement block on my foot. i frequently catch the toe of my shoe on the pattern in the carpet – a lot like catching an edge on skis (sorry for another skiing reference – that’s another gift of ms, i can no longer ski). it has been the cause of several falls, none serious (and none that anybody has seen, so my dignity is intact), so i’ve been looking for shoes – preferably every-day, wear-to-work shoes, or even slippers, that do not have rubber soles. it seems everything i find has “special non-slip indoor/outdoor rubber soles.” well, i need to be able to slide my right foot, and not get tripped up by a non-slip sole.

i tried those sneakers with the little roller in the heel, but that was a terrifying disaster and i didn’t even get across my living room before they went back in the box. i managed to find some non-fleece-lined, all-leather slippers that didn’t cost $80, but the place that was selling them didn’t have my size. i found some all-natural sort of slipper-shoes, that were pretty ugly (which i don’t really care about) and said that they didn’t have non-slip soles. as soon as they arrived, i tried them on – they didn’t fit first of all, and were VERY non-slip. so back in the box.

i’ve found very nice (and very expensive) shiny, patent leather italian loafers with heels and leather soles- which i could safely shuffle in, but which i think are too hideous even for me (and i don’t look good in heels). i found some very nice moose-hide slippers online, but i can’t see paying $80 for slippers.so what is with this need for everything to be non-skid? i want to (need to) skid. i’ll have to keep prowling target and (gulp) wal-mart as winter approaches and some cheap sueade or leather slippers begin to appear.

there were other things – thoughts about inventing a camera mount for a wheel chair, whether a wheel chair or a scooter was a better investment, whether or not it would be smart to travel to vietnam (we have some friends who will be living there for a few months), with the heat and humidity (would i have to spend the whole time in the hotel room?), thoughts about a very (VERY) cool three-wheeled vespa scooter that i would love to try, thoughts about the approach of winter, which, now that i don’t ski and find snow and ice very difficult to walk over, appeals to me less and less, thoughts about turning 50 (in a few weeks) – a lot of random thoughts which maybe i will expound more on at another time.

for now, i will keep staggering around with my cement block, searching for slippery shoes, and enojoying the cool of fall.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

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