i chanted myself to sleep last night with this mantra, from scripture of the golden eternity by jack kerouac:
“roaring dreams take place within a perfectly silent mind.
now that we know this, throw the raft away.”
it was a koan, a puzzle to which there may not actually be a solution, but the puzzling over it leads the puzzler in a new direction. tho i have tried, i can’t explain what this koan means, but it makes perfect sense to me. something about the raft being a protection against stepping fully into the river. it helped lead me out of a few days of rather deep depression. i always find the passage out of that place to be a very creative period.
it has to do with looking at photography and writing (my two creative outlets) more playfully, with less concern for “the rules,” and repeatable results. i guess that inspiration comes from kerouac too.
anywho, i have no idea where this will lead, or if it will lead anyplace. but i am interested in the journey.


2 thoughts on “mantra

  1. So glad to see you writing again! Yes do step into the river…even dive in. I find that my times in the well as I call it…quite often yield some of my most creative moments. so go with it.

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