god’s own neurologist

well, that’s what my neurologist called her. i’m going to see this big-time neuro ellen lathi at st. elizabeth’s medical center in boston on monday. my neuro and i were talking about if i was rrms or spms, and he suggested i go see her, see if she could add a few cents to the discussion. i don’t know what she’s going to do to me, but i’m sure she’ll be gentle.

i’ve been thinking about ms fatigue a lot recently, and was going to write about it tonight, but i found a few articles that are already written, and i thought were very good, and say it probably better than i could. this one was the best, i thought, despite the few little typos. i’m just always so tired, and it really is different than just being tired. it’s a tiredness all it’s own.

i’ll check in again after boston, if i survive.


5 thoughts on “god’s own neurologist

  1. Well, let’s meet for lunch or coffee, or something. It is now exactly half way between our two b-days. No matter how hard I try, you always get a year older one month before me.

    You have my email address?


  2. I am feeling the fatigue right now…woke up tired. It does suck. Yes we want to hear all about your adventure. I hope you get some good advice from the specialist.

  3. That is a good article! No one can understand why it takes me all weekend to rest up from a week of work. After all, I take naps every day of the week.

    MS fatigue is indeed unique.

    Best of luck in Boston. Try to stop by the waterfront for clam chowder and baked scrod.

  4. Thanks That’s the best article I have ever read about MS. I’m printing it and taking it to work with me .

    I can’t get those dim wits to understand how tired I am

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