some clarity on this hiatus (one weird thing about blogging is that the blogger has to make the assumption that the readers, if any, care what the blogger has to say. sometimes that seems presumptuous.) it’s all about simplicity, and uncomplicating my life. sometimes i crave just pure simplicity, taking things off my plate. all this blogging (and i was trying to keep five going, which actually might not be very many, but it was starting to seem like a lot to me) was just stuff on my plate. and just like i periodically go thru my book shelves and get rid of books i have already read and won’t read again or books i know i will never read, so too i sometimes paw thru other parts of my daily life and find things that just seem to take up space. i was finding myself fretting over coming up with something to write about, just because i hadn’t for a while, and, well, that’s what i was supposed to do, write stuff on my blog.

i have no use for that kind of fretting – no use for fretting in general – so i’m just gonna stop doing it. if something somes to me that i think worthy of sharing with whoever it is that reads this blog (and i think there are at least a few of ou out there) i’ll write about it. but for now, i’m just going to let it go.



2 thoughts on “clarity

  1. No sense in complications. I only have two blogs and I have not posted on one since August. I will again but only when I have the space without stress.

  2. Hello! I “met” you via Merelyme’s interview and popped over to say hello here.

    I am in a similar space right now. I stopped working about a year ago, and I’m still consolidating stuff from my old office and a second residence (which was necessary when I was working) into my current home. I’m shredding old files, getting rid of lots of stuff, letting go of old books that no longer speak to me.

    That includes getting rid of activities that drain me of energy (fatigue is my worst symptom right now). Therefore, I’ll post a blog entry when I feel like it. Who knows when the next will be???

    I look forward to reading more of your stuff whenever you feel like posting.

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