what? i thought this was about ms!

yeah, well, tough darts. sometimes i get sick of ms (is that some sort of oxymoron or something?), and just want to think/write about something else.

a few years ago i got it into my head that i wanted to go from film photography to digital photography. i gathered up the two working cameras that i had – an old linhof press camera that i never really used, and my beloved olympus om2, which had seen me thru two years of photography school, and too many years to count of just making images for my own fulfillment. it never once let me down. it was tough to let that camera go, but i had no interest in working with film -spending hours in a tiny darkroom, the expense of buying film and paper and chemicals – i’d had enough of it. i do value that process, and i think every photographer should experience it. there is something about being in visceral contact with film and chemistry and paper that can deepen one’s understanding and appreciation of and for photography.

but i’d had enough of it. i just wanted to take pictures. so it seemed digital was where i wanted to go. i took the funds from selling those two cameras and bought a used minolta on ebay, and i was on my way. despite the part of me that misses my om2, i’ve never looked back.

then it was time to graduate to a dslr, something closer to a professional camera. the minolta was cool, but i’d never really completely liked it. so my family bought me an olympus e-520 dslr for my birthday. a very cool camera, which does things that i’m not even sure what they are (automatic white balance bracketing?), and i’m finding it a challenge just figuring out the basics, like getting the flash to work the way i want, etc.

anyway, the point i’m inching up to is that i would love to see a dlsr that is simple and uncomplicated like my old om2. without all the bells and whistles – which i’m sure to some people are important (and when i learn how to work them, might become important to me). i want a basic, simple digital slr. seems it would be pretty simple to make. then all i’d have to worry about was what to point the lens at – there’s the real challenge.

(you can see some of the things i’ve pointed my camera at in the past at captured light.)


5 thoughts on “what? i thought this was about ms!

  1. Love your images…captured light is very appropriate…each image does capture the light very well. You are making me excited about maybe getting a new camera. I think I will ask santa for one.

    And it is great that you write about other things than MS. Who wants to write about a disease all the time? Wait a minute…I do that. :>)

  2. When I retired 12 years ago I bought myself a state of the art digital camera, nobody around me had ever seen one. It was a Sony camera that stored the pictures on a regular size floppy disk. Yeah man, space age technology! I think it’s almost 1 gig resolution, or what ever the resolution is measured in. It was like $500 and space shuttle quality. I think they give 10 gig cameras with happy meals now!

  3. Excellent blog make over! Screw MS and anything else in the way, might as well have fun. You’re a great writer, Stephen…, and photographer. 🙂

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