back on the bike

i tried to get onto a handbike this fall, but when i got to the place to rent it, it wouldn’t fit into my car, and it was starting to rain, so i blew it off. and i’ve been a little sour on the whole thing. until i saw the catrike.

not a handbike, but their site has a forum, so i asked about adapting one of these sweeties. someone suggested i look at the “hase handbike,” which i did, and promptly fell in love:

there is apparently a shop in rhode island that has these – not far from me, and my sister lives there. i think she needs a house guest.

now all i need is $6000.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

4 thoughts on “back on the bike”

  1. Now that, looks like it could fly without wings. I think you definitely need to test drive one and what better time than now and what better time to visit your sister than the Christmas season?
    That last sentence, there always has to be a roadblock. Hope someone can suggest places which could help clear that one away. You Need that! 🙂

  2. wow…that is expensive! they look cool! i have been looking for bikes for my son who has autism…he isn’t able to ride a two wheel bike. these look really interesting. so good to see you blogging away stephen!

  3. Looks like something that calls for a really cool whip antenna and one of those helmets that looks like a Mohawk! I’d look really good falling off one of those.

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