i knew it

a while ago told my neuro i was having a lot of headaches, and asked if they could be ms related. made sense to me – a brain disease, headaches. he said that because there are no nerve endings in the brain, headaches were not related to ms. however he explained it, and even tho in the back of my head i didn’t really buy it, it seemed to make sense at the time.

now i see a study that shows that, even tho, “headache is not generally considered a symptom of MS, and studies investigating the relationship between the two conditions have produced conflicting results,” it appears that people with multiple sclerosis are more apt to suffer from headaches – tension-type headache or migraine – than the general population. as if i needed another symptom like i need a hole in the head.  the study seems to be far from conclusive, but there does seem to be a relation between ms and headaches, either related to brain-stem lesions or maybe just as a result of coping with the disease. so i might be nuts but maybe i’m not crazy.

another study published in london showed that the average cost of being diagnosed with ms to be “on average nearly GBP17,000 per person.” (for those of you without a currency converter in your head, that works out to a little more than $25,337.) the study called it “shocking,” i didn’t think it seemed that high. but for people who are not as blessed as i am to have pretty decent health insurance, that amount is a pretty big chunk of change.

i sent my prescription for ldn in to the pharmacy. i will hopefully be getting it fairly soon. i am very excited and hopeful that it wil be as successful for me as it has been for a lot of other people. i wil keep you all informed, as i know you are all on the edges of your seats.


3 thoughts on “i knew it

  1. $25k doesn’t seem like a lot given the high price of medical care. I’m not arguing it’s not worth it, just that, it is costly. I wish people all had access to good care and medicine.

    Well, I was sitting back but I’ll scoot up and risk the catastrophe of falling if it will help. Good luck with the Idn.
    Seems to me that anything affecting my brain can have an effect elsewhere in it, headaches included.

  2. I have spms and have been on LDN since May of this year. Nothing dramatic to report yet I do believe it’s helping some of my Sx. E mail me if you wish and I’d be happy to report more.

  3. It is strange…or maybe I am strange…I have never get headaches. I do get those auras like migraine sufferers do though…the zig-zaggy lines. I dunno about the studies…everything seems connected in the end.

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