LDN diary: day 1

after seeing the youtube viedo about the “miracle” of LDN, i will admit that i was hoping for a little bit of that miracle for myself. and i was disappointed when not only did i not leap out of bed singing and dancing, but i had to come home from work early. i felt dramatically more tired than usual, and after the morning dose of provigil didn’t seem to kick in, and after i had to really struggle to make sense out of the first few orders that i took, i knew i had to make my way home. i got into bed, and i’ve never really managed to shake the fog all day. headachey, too. whether that is the LDN or not, i don’t know. i seemed to sleep ok last night (no dreams – vivid or scary), but i have not felt this way in a long time. here it is, 7:15 pm, and i am ready to go to bed.

but i just took dose #2, so i’ll keep after it, and see what happens.


3 thoughts on “LDN diary: day 1

  1. Yeah, no miracles for me, either. After reading all of the testimonials I was ready for something dramatic. My experience after 6 months is that it does make a difference but it’s not earth shattering. So far it’s done well enough that I chose to continue rather than d/c it. Good luck to you and give it time!

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