ldn, again

so i’m looking on a forum, to see if my experience with ldn is common, or at least in line with the norm. the first thing i find is the recommendation, in no uncertain terms, that one has to get rid of ones candidia infestation before even starting with ldn. that means no gluten, no dairy, no sugar of any kind – essentially, as far as i can figure it, nothing but low-starch vegetables (leafy greens?) and meat. nope, sorry, can’t do that. i guess if i get really sick, i could do it, but it just sounds about as close to impossible (and very unpleasant) as can be.

so then i find other posts that say yes, current symptoms will probably get worse before they get better. ugh. at least my only worsening symptom seems to be fatigue. but it’s such a drag. i seem to hit the wall sooner and take longer to recover. and my sleep patterns are all messed up (here i am typing at 2 am) maybe i set myself up by even starting with this, but i had hopes of feeling a lot better. now it seems i have to have patience. ah, well. i’ll finish the bottle anyway, and them reassess.

and maybe i shouldn’t post at 2 am.


One thought on “ldn, again

  1. Three days later, Stephen, how are you feeling? I’m with you on the diet, I wouldn’t really want to. Posting at two am has it’s benefits, I feel like i can get away before anyone catches me.

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