different sort of argle bargle

don’t you wish that you could just go to one place – a doctor, a shaman, a web site, or a magic talking wishing well – and it would say, “do this, and you’ll get better,” or even just “do this, and this part of you will get better.” and it would work.

i talked to my pcp about my reaction to the ldn – all symptoms getting worse – and asked him if he had any thoughts on how long i’d have to keep taking it before i’d know if it was something i should keep doing. he pretty much said that 6-8 weeks was a minimum to know if something was working, and that maybe i should give a year to ldn, dietary changes, etc. as he said, “all you have is time.” he also suggested that if the 3mg caps were having too strong an effect on me, to go down to 1.5mg. so there i was like a junkie, in the bathroom, kneeling on the floor in my underwear right before going to bed, opening up the cap and dumping the white powder onto a little mirror, chopping it up and separating it into halves with a card. i didn’t snort it, tho. i dumped it into a cup of water and sucked it down.

so, i had also run these same questions by another neuro in boston, who replied that she recommended i not be doing ldn, as there was no clinical data about it, and there was some evidence that it could be harmful especially for ms. she does not recommend it to any of her patients.

so, sheesh, argle bargle. what’s a crip to do? i’m going to finish the bottle of 1.5mg caps that i have, keep working on my diet (FAR less sugar in all it’s evil forms), and see how i’m doing in a month.

and keep looking for that magic talking wishing well.


Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

One thought on “different sort of argle bargle”

  1. You draw a funny picture over so serious a subject! Snorting ldn, the visual picture you paint, is too much!
    It might get to where we can go to someone or something and say, fix this, and it shall be done. My luck, it will appear one day too late.
    There must be some magic, lying around, unused. Hope you find it.

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