bed rest

i’m home today, on “bed” rest, self-imposed. it’s the ldn, i’m convinced. work on tuesday was a challenge – getting from my desk to the bathroom was an expedition. and for some weird reason, (ldn again?) i was awake about every half hour last night (i know, because the clock was starting at me), so i called in sick today, taking a day of self imposed rest. sitting up in bed was the most strenuous thing i’ve done. (and it’s not easy, let me tell you.) the renegade dr. swank was a great believer in rest (one of the reasons you gotta love the guy), so i’m giving it a go. i can’t do his prescribed 3 days, but i can do today, and i will do my best to rest most of the weekend.

if i was a rich man, right after setting up myself, my family and my best friends in comfortable lifestyles, one of the first things i’d do would be to set up a swanky darkroom, and hire someone to process my film for me. i have this wonderful camera that my son bought for me, that i would be using all the time, were it not for my big dislike of all the film  processing and scanning. so hiring a photographic assistant would be high up on my list.

i’d also be buying lots of shirts from busted tees – they got a lot of funny ones. but how many tee shirts can one guy wear?

the mighty ikoflex
the mighty ikoflex

oh, and not going to work anymore.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

One thought on “bed rest”

  1. I dream about a life free of work too. Today I am feeling crappy but I can’t call in tomorrow because we have parent/teacher conferences so not only will I drag myself in, I’ll work 14 hours too. Oh weekend where are you?

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