when the light goes

“karla always said it was dumb to suppose that other people’s lives are better than your own,” duane said. “her opinion was that most people are about equally miserable.”

“it’s amazing how reluctant peope are to give up on sex,” she added. “if it feels good, and if you’re married, it appears to be free.”

– from when the light goes, by larry mcmurtry


One thought on “when the light goes

  1. Our lives are similar bvut not the same as we think and see different things.

    Giving up sex and intimacy is bloody difficult making the increase of handicap even harder.

    Thanks for this post its set me off on another train of thought.
    Always good.
    Keep warm and happy.

    my parftners blog is

    ps really glad to find your blog again was wondering how you were.

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