boy oh boy

am i pooped. i’m going in to give the “walkaide” a try next thursday, in hopes that it will keep me out of a wheelchair a little longer.


some sort of electronic doo-hickey that somehow provides electrical stimulation to the nerves in the leg to simulate real walking. according to their web site, it works, and doesn’t make you look like the lower half of your body is doing the robot, or look too phasianic (of or pertaining to pheasants – one of my adopted words). my neuro, when i first asked about it a year or so ago, said it would not work in my case. but i have learned (yes, he can be taught!) not to believe everything my neuro – or any other doctor – tells me. so i’m going to give it a try. i hear, tho, that the demos are usualy pretty brief, and they don’t let you take the thing for a real test drive in the real world, like to the mall or something. and at something like $4000, plus $200 per year to replace the electrodes, i think i’m going to want to give the thing a better workout than that. we shall see. as my wife said, that would be a reasonable price to pay for a year or two, or three, of improved mobility.


4 thoughts on “boy oh boy

  1. That is amazing…I had heard of the beginnings of this long ago…when I did an internship at a school for children with multiple handicaps. An OT showed how she could stimulate the nerves in a boy’s legs who had cerebral palsy. It is so great that the technology has advanced to this. Would love to hear more about it.

  2. My friend (another PWMS) has had the walk aide for over a year now and loves it. She can walk longer distances now. It took her awhile to get accustomed to it. I hope your experience is good.
    I’m keeping my eye out for the FDA approval and marketing of Fampridine SR. This med finished clinical trials last year and has shown to improve walking speed and efficiency in greater than 40% of participants. It is basically 4-AP formulated in an extended release version. Hopefully Acorda will get off their patooties and get it out there!

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