i’m gone

i looked thru google, but really didn’t have the patience to find (and figure out how to post) a good picture. so i’ll just say it. i’m leaving tonight for a week in ireland. i know i’m up for it, but not entirely sure i’m up TO it. we shall see just how much of a vacation it turns out to me. heck, just packing my suitcase wore me out.

i met with the walkaide people yesterday, and will meet with them again when i get back. i have a feeling that the electrical stimulation will conflict with my spontaneous leg cramps and render the device unuseable. but they did say A)that insurance is more likely to cover it, due to the work of the ms society, and B) a brace (i forget what they called it) was a necessity (and also will get covered by insurance.)

anywho, i’ll check in on the flip side. unless, or course, i decide to stay. in which case you may never hear from me again!


6 thoughts on “i’m gone

  1. Have a wonderful time in Ireland.
    The leg thingy I believe is called an AFO, for ankle-foot-orthotic device. Meant to prevent foot drop and therefore falling on your a**, a few of my friends use it. Two edged sword in that it is helpful but use over time may contribute to muscle atrophy.

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