there and back again

safely home from the emerald isle. they have palm trees, we just got 2 feet of snow. i’d rather be in dingle. (easy on the naughty jokes – dingle is a gorgeous area in south-west ireland.)

sunset in dingle

it was tempting to stay, and we will surely be going back. (if you go here, you can see some of my pix; i’ll add more titles eventually.) we did a tour of the gap of dunloe, which involved some unexpected walking, almost more than i could manage, but a very nice man who was on the tour with us stayed behind and helped me over the rocks. it is also not a terribly handicap friendly country. maybe the fact that we had forgotten to bring the foot rests for my wheel chair, and had to rig up a rope to prop my feet up on didn’t help. by thursday, i was done being pushed (my ‘chair is not easy at all to drive, more of a fancy transport chair), and i really couldn’t walk any more, (even with my fancy collapsible cane) so i stayed in the condo while the ladies went shopping, and pretty much was ready to come home. so a new chair is on my shopping list – any hints or suggestions would be welcomed.

we came home to a huge snow storm – probably 18 inches sunday night. my d.w. had to call in a backhoe to get the stuff off the driveway!  we also talked briefly about someday soon (one more to put thru college!) renting a house in dingle for a year.

and there is nothing – nothing – like a pint of guinness drawn from a tap in a pub in ireland. if you are an admirer of beer, this must be added to your life list.


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “there and back again”

  1. I found another place I should be living in your pictures. That village with the big, red boat in the foreground. Thanks for posting those.

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