found philosophy

funny the places one can stumble upon wisdom, or at least words that can resonate deeply. i found this little passage in a book by jonathan kellerman called Therapy, a murder/mystery/thriller – the last place i would have expected to find such a passage. it struck me on several levels, so i pass it on. do with it what you will.

a young man, having suffered a closed-head frontal-lobe trauma – smashed his forehead into the seat in front of him in a car accident – was working with a therapist to figure out what was going on inside his head (emphasis mine):

“to everyone else, i look ok, everyone keeps telling me i’m ok, but i know i’m not ok.” then he stopped, his chest was heaving and he was flushed, and the next time he spoke it was so soft i could barely hear him. what he said was, “it’s like one of those android movies. i’m not me, any more. i’m still in the box i came in, but someone’s fucking with the wiring.” then he said, “i really miss being me.”


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “found philosophy”

  1. I can relate. I was reading Yoga and the Quest for the True Self but I got really obsessed with finding myself and it drove me nuts. Now I sort of remember myself a bit again and it is a comfort. I hope things look up.

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