my new ride, father’s day, and the drive-up window

about three years ago, i found a very cheap – $100 – wheelchair. my wife had bought a transport chair, the kind that the passenger can’t drive (no hand-wheels), and i wanted one i could drive myself. so i found this one, and bought it, and never liked it. it was easier to walk than drive this chair. about a month ago i found this one, a karma ergonomic, which is about half the weight, folds easier and flatter, and i can actually drive it. i really only use it at work or if we’re going somewhere that requires walking, but it is very nice. comfy. i still seem to have to work pretty hard the drive it, but that’s probably due to my chicken arms. i’m hoping that with some time, they will turn in to popeye arms, and i can finally invite people to the “gun show.”

for father’s day, my daughter robin wanted to get me a dvd or cd, but my wife steered her to a t-shirt which she got, and which i thought was very funny. go to cafe press– there’s some very funny ms slogan stuff there.

and the drive up window.  i will admit to craving a greasy burger from time to time, but usually not bad enough to sturuggle out of the car, stumble into the restaurant, and then struggle back into the car. and i know it is bad environmentally to sit and idle at the drive up, but i wish there were more things one could buy at drive ups. omg, they are so handy for people who can’t get out of the car.  so far there’s the bank, burgers, and a few pharmacies. oh, and dunkin’ donuts. i’m not sure what else there could be, but if i don’t have to go thru the process of getting in and out of the car, you’ve got by business.

and just because there haven’t been enough links in the post, here’s one more.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “my new ride, father’s day, and the drive-up window”

  1. Library book drop – I love a drive up library book drop that you can actually use without getting out of the car!

    Good luck with the new chair. Do triceps extensions, it will help.

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