decisions, decisions!

here’s a question i bet most people never ask themselves: do i want to get a power wheelchair, or a scooter? my health insurance will probably pay, or at least help, with one or the other, but it runs by the calendar year, and with the future of my employment, and thus my health care options in some doubt, i feel like i should do this before the end of this year.

i want whichever of the two will be more versitile with the kind of terrain it can handle. not that i want to go crashing through the underbrush, but i would like to be able to take it on some of the well maintained walking trails around here – places i used to go and walk all the time. i also need it to be manageable by myself – into and out of the car by myself. my guess is that the scooter option will be the better of the two. i have to go talk to the people at the wheelchair store, and see what they say. and then see if the insurance will help with it.

i read an interesting comment from michael moore, who pointed out that we already have a public healh care plan in place. it’s called medicare. all we have to do is lower the application age from 60 down to 0, and problem solved. (well, i’m sure there’s more to it than just that, but i think this idea would go a long way toward solving this issue.) and i liked jon stewart’s rant against the senate democrats, with their “super-majority,” who can’t seem to get anything passed. aside from funding abstinence-only sex education (which we all know doesn’t work.). as someone who will be buying my own health insurance sometime in the not-too-distant future, i (and probably most of you) have a real vested interest in this. i think if there is a public option in place, the private health insurance companies will have to lower their rates and rework the coverage they offer to match it. i don’t know if medicare works (i’ve never tried it) but i do believe that there needs to be some sort of public option in place, to balance the playing field.

just my two cents.

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Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

3 thoughts on “decisions, decisions!”

  1. I’d opt for the scooter…more versatile and they look cooler, too!

    CEOs of Health insurance companies are pulling down very big bucks, they have a very vested interest to maintain the status quo, hence all the lobbyists on Washington with politicians in their pockets. Corruption abounds in the name of the almighty dollar! I don’t even want to get started on Big Pharma and how they have us by the short hairs, too…

    Medicare has been working pretty well since it’s inception. I don’t have it yet, but will in a few months as I’ve been on SSDI now for almost 2 years…that’s how long you have to wait for M-care once declared disabled by the feds.

    So, a public option modeled as M care would be great and probably give the private options a run for their money.

    Jon Stewart and Michael Moore are my heroes!

  2. Stephen, I agree with you on the issues related to insurance and reform!!

    Good luck on making a good decision on the chair/scooter choice. Gotta tell ya…it’s a scary world out here in the Individual Health Insurance Market.

  3. A scooter may be better on the “getting it out of the car by myself” criterion, but probably not on any of the others. I’d encourage you to post your question on the Wheelchairjunkie and CareCure bulletin boards to get some more perspectives on the question. A properly fitted powerchair will be more versatile and more useful as your level of function changes.

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