hey, look at me! i can juggle!

i went through four years of high school, and i didn’t even know how to sew. all i could do was juggle. well, to be fair to myself, that wasn’t the only thing i learned. i’m sure there was something else. but knowing how to juggle is probably the most practical thing i came away from high school with. tells you something about me, i guess.

now i discover that being able to juggle goes deeper than being able to impress small children. “can you really juggle?” it turns out that, according to the bbc, juggling can increase brain power. it seems that a bunch of people had brain scans done, and then went through a six week training course in juggling. (SIX WEEKS? sheesh, i picked it up in half that time.) after the course, they were scanned again and most saw a 5% increase in white matter. 5% isn’t much, but when most of your brain is swiss cheese, 5% is not too shabby. the researchers back away from their conclusion by saying, “”Of course, this doesn’t mean that everyone should go out and start juggling to improve their brains.” sure it does.

the conclusion? it’s far from a cure, but working on “complex” tasks like juggling can be beneficial to people with ms. it can can be used to enhance certain pathways in the brain. and you can use it to impress small children.

maybe your neurologist will write a prescription for circus camp as a therapeutic treatment.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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