yanking my chain, or medication residue

either wordpress (the host of this blog) is yanking my chain, or there is a medication-residue-buildup in my already frayed brain (ms gives new meaning to “yer working my last good nerve!”) but i seem to remember that when i went to my own blog, there was a header with links so that i could post new material, and do all the blog-housecleaning. now it seems i have to go to wordpress.com and log on every time, and get to those housekeeping links from there. it’s probably just me, but it is really annoying. anyway.

i have said before that i rarely visit other people’s blogs. i feel a little bad about it, but there are just so many, who has time to visit them all? i appreciate all of you who blog about your lives, sharing the ms experience as much as it can be shared through the written word. and i appreciate all of you who visit my blog, even though i don’t visit yours.

i used to have a blog-roll on my site, but for some dimly remembered reason (probably irational, too) i deleted it. well, i’m going to try to invest more time in reading other people’s writings. i mean, i’m up half the night waiting for the drugs to make my jimmy-leg go away. i might as well educated myself. so i’m adding a blogroll to this site (if i can figure out how to do it), and i’ll be visiting other blogs and adding ones that i find myself reading regularly. it’ll be a slow process, and don’t be offended if you’d doesn’t show up right away (or ever – there’s a lot of you out there!). i’m making up for lost time, so be patient with me. you know i love you all.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

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