medical marijuana

notcracki’ll let you in on a secret (don’t let the feds in on this one): i “borrowed” a pinch of pot from a friend recently, just to see what it felt like and if it might help with the jimmy-leg. it had been decades since i’d last partaken, and i must say i did not like the feeling of being high. while it’s not a big deal to possess very small amounts of pot here in maine, with or without a note from your doctor, we will be voting on the question in november. and i am very hopeful that the president has seen fit to recommend that the feds leave us little guys alone.

i didn’t smoke enough this time to know if it would have done any good, but i have the feeling instinctively that the muscle relaxant quality of marijuana would be very beneficial. i’m sure i could get used to the high feeling, and i like the idea that we can by-pass the whole drug industry and finally have a means to treat our muscle cramps, spasticity and pain on our own terms. i hope the dea can respect the responsible use of this weed and leave us alone.

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Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

4 thoughts on “medical marijuana”

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  2. I’m a patient. If they legalize it there too, try the candy and tinctures. They just treats the symptoms and do not get you high. I use it to help me with taking the Copaxone. It also helps with nausea, appetite, vertigo and spasticity. I swear by it!

  3. Hi I grew it.Got seedsfrom hippies had toask Police ffor their address. Only fednmale plants any good. Collected loads of leaves left to dry and then discovered cleaner thrown away. New lot then Didnt seem to have aany affect via cigarette so bought pipe. Was high but MS same so gave up.

    Want any seeds?

  4. I rarely smoke it as it just makes me feel paranoid and wasted…but 3 of my friends who have MS and medical marijuana cards are anxious to do a “study” if you will of the 2 different strains of pot on me!

    Indica= best in the evening, gives your body a stoned, relaxed feeling..”body buzz”. Good for all over pain relief and insomnia.

    Sativa= best for day, makes you feel “up, high, optimistic” and good for pain relief for certain symptoms.

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