sister morphine

sister morphine/ marianne faithful
sister morphine/ marianne faithful
driving to work this morning, listening to the stones “sister morphine,” which doesn’t, i don’t think, contain any specific encouragement to become an addict, but it made me think about how easy it would be to turn to morphine or alcohol as a means of escape from the drag and progression of ms. sometimes it seems like the way i feel today is as good as i am ever going to feel – that tomorrow all my symptoms are going to be, at best, the same, if not worse. and in the face of that, i can see how easy it would be to just say “fk it,” and start drinking myself into oblivion.

were it not for my lovely wife and amazing children (among others too numerous to name), i don’t know that i’d be able to resist.Share this Post


Author: stephen

stephen harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in maine.

2 thoughts on “sister morphine”

  1. Hi Stephen,
    It’s been a while since my last visit. I am sensing that you are feeling a little low and that saddens me. It is obvious to me, that I don’t suffer the same degree of symptom as yourself, and for that I am lucky and blessed. Family and friends are so important to anyone’s well being whether hale in body or not. Our spirits need their support on a regular basis. I am happy that you are working and showing the way to any who might end up in your shoes one day. Keep yourself strong and steady for them as well as yourself.
    Hang loose and be well,

  2. On down days I do one of two things…go with the flow, acknowledge the negative and to use a new-agey phrase…”embrace the darkness”…wallow in it, with all of it’s juicy bits. The next day is almost always brighter as I’ve let it run it’s current course.

    Or, option #2, get out of my head…quit thinking of me and my MS and focus on someone or something other than ME. This works pretty well most of the time and actually ends up accomplishing something…

    Booze is OK as one-glass medicinal amounts. More than that makes my MS symptoms worse, not better….

    I agree, family and friends are the loving anchor that keeps me stable and afloat, too.

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