fender bender, or tap on the shoulder

a good friend of mine  told me that when her father had a TIA, before his massive stroke, he commented that god had given him  little push, and not the big shove he  could have given him. i got a little understanding of that concept the other day when i got my foot tangled in the accelerator/brake of my car, and found myself careening in reverse completely out of control. fortunately i was in a parking lot, and i am not clear on the details of how i got from speeding out of control in reverse to careening out of control in drive, out of the parking lot, across what is normally a very busy street and into another parking lot where i managed to come to a stop and got out to survey the damage. terrifying on reflection. minimal damage to my  car, but when i returned to the scene of the crime, i discovered that i had smashed into another car, taking out his front quarter panel, took out a cedar fence and knocked over a propane tank, fortunately not exploding it. a very nice cop came by to sort it all out for us – everyone else involved was very understanding (i was the only human involved in all the crashing around, and aside from a few aches that showed up here and there over the next few days, i was fine. insurance info was exchanged- it was all very civilized – and we went our separate ways.

could have been a lot worse. my wake up call was that it was time to move from foot controls to hand controls – which are on order.  i am a little doubtful about them, but we shall see. for now, i am not driving (got to hitch ride in a mini with a rather hot blonde today, so it’s not all bad). i don’t know, it seems this multiple sclerosis business is starting to get expensive. i just ordered a bar for my bed which will make it possible for me to get out of it on my own, and these hand controls are not cheap. not sure how much insurance will pay for. so as i’ve said before, it is hard to see my earning potential decrease while the cost of my daily life keeps increasing. somehow doesn’t seem fair.

but  as one of my tai chi instructors, who was bald, said, if life were fair, he would not be bald. for what that is worth.

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Author: Stephen

Stephen Harris is a writer, painter and a photographer who lives with his family in Maine.

2 thoughts on “fender bender, or tap on the shoulder”

  1. Oh my..glad you are OK and that no one else was harmed.

    I’ve ridden with my friend who has hand controls on her steering wheel…she said it’s like anything else, weird at first until you become used to it.

    You’re correct, this disease is expensive!

  2. I’m so sorry you’re having to make this move, this symbol of additional disability. On the plus side, I’m so glad your wake up call involved only property and no injuries, and I hope you find that hand controls extend your independence.

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